Susan spent a sunny Sunday in Brooklyn, USA with all her cousins, and her cousins' cousins, and a few people she didn't know celebrating at a surprise birthday party.

Here's the birthday boy with his old ball & chain:
Here's some youthful guests spelling out the name of a garden tool:
Here's someone demonstrating how to press the police button:
Seriously though.
Cousin Lisa threw a wonderfully simple and happy party in a little neighborhood joint filled with hugging, flowers, pumpkins, gratitude, fettucine served from a Parmesan wheel, open windows, wine, a duo of well behaved babies, cheesecake and a big bowl of fresh whipped cream.

Cousins Susie and Sue discussed the heartbreak of raising under-communicative boys who eventually move away to college as well as how to position one's head so that a turkey neck is minimized in photographs.

Susan's eldest niece described being lectured on how to lock a door by the person who walked in on her sitting on the toilet.

Afterward, everyone put on their flats and went down to look at the Brooklyn Bridge:
It was a good day.


Pix Under the Oaks said...

Susan does not know how much I love this post! I get to see Susan and her family.. :) You all look wonderful! Happy Birthday to Susan's cousin.

How does one position their head to minimize turkey neck in photos? I could find that useful.

Meg at the Members Lounge said...

The Twisted Family is ADORABLE! What a perfect afternoon, bathroom break in's included!

Twisted Susan said...

Stick your chin OUT a bit pulling the jiggly neck skin taught, the camera doesn't reflect depth.
Don't lift your head UP like Susan did in her driver license photo, you'll look stupid.

mamalisalo said...

The birthday boy says he loves your clever comments in your blahgity blahg blahg. No party of mine is ever complete without my awEsome Cousin Sue.