This weekend Susan was again seated in the bleachers watching her son wrestle. Her strategy for sitting on something so unforgivingly uncomfortable is to roll her jacket up and stick it underneath her ass.

Anyway, Susan's little sister and brother in law were in attendance and made the hours sitting on the miserable bleachers go by in a more entertaining manner. Susan likes watching the wrestlers, but after a while it's like how much wrestling can a person watch?

For most of the afternoon Susan's little sister & daughter were sitting in front of her. There were stuff and people all over the gym. At her feet were backpacks, gear and Gatorades. There was nowhere to move them so she just arranged her feet around them.

At one point a man sat to the right of Susan. Seats open, get sat in, get abandoned, and so it goes all afternoon. It's like sitting on a bus. Susan and her family members watched the wrestlers, chatted, took pictures, made each other laugh and passed the day in a congenial way.

After a period of time the man next to Susan asked 'Is that your granddaughter?
Susan considered his question and pointing to her kid said 'No, that's my daughter'
The man countered with a surprised 'That's your daughter?' Then - not stopping - he gestured to Susan's sibling, a mere five years her junior, and added 'I thought she was your daughter.'

At first Susan was gobsmacked, but then she realized he must have zeroed in on her chicken neck and ultimately couldn't blame him for thinking she was her own daughter's granny and her sister's mommy.


Where the Fur Flies said...

Jack Ass

cheryoncake said...

So rude

Anonymous said...

People look but don't really see - He just saw a family group - and you are taller than little sister, yes? So tall woman must be mommy -

But this particular oblivious fellow is also, as expressed by Fur Flies and Cherry-on, a stupid rude jackass.

Meg at the Members Lounge said...

You know, every time my husband asks if I'm ready, I look at him quizzically and say, "you realize I haven't showered and gotten dressed"? Point: Men have no idea what they are looking at.

Carma Sez said...

GAH!!! this is along the lines of asking if someone is pregnant. Never a good idea. I will be spending hours tomorrow at the dive meet sitting on bleachers but this time unless for once I plan ahead and possibly remember to pack our folding chairs. It is always frustrating to get to a meet and see everyone else all comfy!!