The CEO is Dead

Susan resigned from Acme Sweatshop this week.

Susan is at peace with her decision even though quitting without having another gig lined up may appear a little insane. She believes herself to be entitled to this sabbatical and alternates between feeling happily relaxed and somewhat untethered.
It's very unusual for her not to be working.
She has replaced those 40 + hours by slicing her thumb while using a sharp knife, driving around with the sunroof open, figuring out how to make pulled pork, scheduling a colonoscopy and missing her co-workers.

Susan's wardrobe also reflects her non-working status. She wears what she calls her Backyard Collection, a less ironed, more lived in version of her work clothes. The only criteria is that she look good and not be afraid to ruin anything when she sits down on a dirty Adirondack chair.
Everyone knows how Susan feels about looking unkempt. There's no reason for it.
Yesterday, while sitting outside the bank waiting for her son to deposit his $12.99 income tax return, she observed a standard issue mom from her neighborhood; sloppy, hair a mess, dressed like a bum climbing into an expensive SUV.
Ladies, is this how we want to represent ourselves?

Join Susan as she navigates her Summer of Unemployment and see which of her own standards she lowers.


Frugal Vegan Mom said...

Yay for Susan!
-A SAHM who's been enjoying lower standards ever since she left the corporate world.

Meg at the Members Lounge said...

Yay for Susan, She's been sprung from corporate jail! Meg herself quit a job when she realized it was absolutely going to ruin a long planned trip to Ireland. She was guilt free in every pub she went to. Also, there is no excuse for looking bad in public. NONE.

Cupcake Murphy said...

Bravo for Susan.