Susan and her daughter went out to the Parrish Art Museum in Watermill, that's Hamptons traffic, guys. Summer traffic.

Susan was all excited because Maya Lin had two geographical installations exhibited, it didn't make much difference that they were both like eh, Susan's still a fan. During the magical time when Susan worked in NYC she showed countless people Maya's overhead clock in Penn Station.
Anyway, here are Maya Lin's contributions:
On the way in Susan drove right past these two Roy Lichtenstein sculptures:
The museum is grandly simple in style with wood post, beam & truss construction (she looked that up), big windows, poured concrete walls, a mod restroom and tight little gift shop.
Be good or you'll have to sit outside on the concrete bench:

Susan adored this Louise Nevelson composition of wooden junk painted black, her daughter did not:
 Susan also liked this six foot tall silkscreen by Chuck Close:
The BIG lemon by Donald Sultan:
And this nerdy lithograph by Alex Katz:
During their trip Susan and her daughter established an unalterable rule: they must never be in each other's company while hungry.

Lastly, Susan remembers this as a teenager, click HERE.

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Meg at the Members Lounge said...

As I have gotten older, my appreciation for modern art has grown. Meg took her husband to the MOMA last December, where she gasped at every corner she turned, and he rolled his eyes.