Susan hit a milestone last week when she mailed her first box of stuff up to the wrestler in sleep away college. The contents were totally utilitarian except for the squeaking motion sensor rat she tucked in as a little reminder that mommy misses him.

Initially getting her kid to maintain even the sparsest amount of contact proved impossible. She sought the council of others in her predicament and discovered that his behavior was pretty standard.

It didn't help her feel better.

She walked around sad all the time until he called her twice in one week because he needed something. Now she's used to the relaxed frequency of his communications and happily sustains their relationship through texts and two minute phone calls.

In the 37 days he's been out of her house Susan has found that whatever she puts in the fridge will still be there when she looks for it,  the bathroom no longer smells like pee, there are no 11 pm rides to satisfy his craving for bread & butter pickles, and she's accepted that he's living his own life away from her.


Patti said...

I went through this with my daughter. Do you feel like someone ripped out your heart and stomped on it? You get over that. When she come home for 5 weeks waiting to close on her house, I was happy at first. But it didn't take long for me to get really irritated and start counting the days until she would leave.

Carma Sez said...

I like how you phrased it "relaxed frequency". We are also getting used to the lack of communication save for a text or two and a skype every three weeks on prompting from us