Susan's daughter lost a wonderful mentor over the weekend. He was her figure drawing teacher, but really much more than that. Susan likes to describe him as the person who pushed her daughter outside of her little artistic prison. Susan's niece, the art school graduate, has studied with him since she was in high school. The loss is terribly sad.

Susan's family is now weathering a very dark storm involving the husband's health. Susan, half pessimist/half optimist is figuring out how to get through each day as best she can. She doesn't know what effect this will have on her twistedsusaning, she just knows that she loves to BLAHg & loves her bloggy pals.

Today Susan made a list to keep her mind occupied, she entitled it A Simple List For A Simple Person and it had things on it like;
Learn the mortgage
Do laundry
Organize nails & tools
Make soup.

She did laundry & made soup. She delivered difficult information to her daughter. She made Ensure smoothies for the husband, massaged his legs, assisted him when he needed her & joked with him. She threw things out & reorganized the bathroom drawers. She fielded phone calls & reached out to friends. Susan's next door neighbors came over in the freezing cold to fix a piece of siding that was torn out by the wind. The day ended when Susan's little sister offered to accompany Susan & the husband next week to learn the outcome of his medical tests. Susan breathed a tremendous sigh of relief and accepted her offer.


Frugal Vegan Mom said...

Sorry for the stress Susan is going through and sending you good wishes for next week!

Debra said...

Thinking of you. Best wishes for strength and peace in your future.

Meg at the Members Lounge said...

Susan, organizing things can sometimes be the best therapy. This year, I have organized each and every closet in my house, my pantry is immaculate and the utensil drawers gleam. Keep at it!

Cupcake Murphy said...

Cupcake is thinking best thoughts for Susan and her husband. xoxo