As a general rule Susan doesn't believe in coincidences, often she has found that the coincidental things have been related. This being established, Susan had an interesting coincidental thing happen the week after the husband died.

She bought a new clock radio and set the buzzer alarm to wake her up. On that particular morning she was already sitting up in bed when the buzzer went off. She hit the button to turn it off. Immediately the clock radio came on playing the final five words of a song she liked;
'I and LOVE and YOU'

Bam! it ended.

Susan did not set the radio alarm, only the buzzer. She sat in bed stunned, wondering if the perfect placement of a significant song lyric was a random coincidence or if she just got a message. She said out loud to the empty room Thank you.

Every morning for the next week Susan waited to see if the radio would come on after the buzzer alarm and it didn't. Eventually she reset the alarm and the experiment ended.

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Dawn in D.C. said...

I totally believe you were given a message.