The other day Susan was on her way into the shower when the phone rang. It was a lawyer that Susan's been speaking to about a car which was repossessed a few years back.

She & the husband had tried unsuccessfully to argue the court that the lease was swindle-y, but it didn't matter. Susan had signed the swindle-y lease and now was on the hook for more than $13,000. The husband had previously offered to settle for a sum under $6,000.
That offer was rejected in writing.

The lawyer was very pleasant but when he suggested that Susan might want to increase the monthly payment to a more onerous amount she sprang into action.

How much will you take to settle it right now? 

He came back with $11,000

That doesn't help me, Sean. She knew his name so she used it. How about we split it in half?

He couldn't accept half.

She reminded him that she had a recently deceased husband and sez Eight thousand. I'll give you eight thousand dollars right now to be done with this.

He agreed to $8150 and she authorized payment over the phone in her underwear then took her shower and got on with the rest of her day.

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