Righty Tighty Lefty Loosey

As a youngster Susan's old man taught her a short rhyme to help her remember which way to turn the knob on the spigot in order to shut off the garden hose. Fast forward forty years. At least once a day Susan gets an opportunity to stare at a faucet and think about which way she has to turn the bloody knob to get more hot water. This is matched only by the amount of time she spends thinking about how to get less hot water. For a few moments she tries to remember on her own because what sort of a pathetic load doesn't know how to get more, or less hot water from a household faucet. I mean, she turns water on and off all day so what's the problem? Ultimately, it's righty tighty lefty loosey that saves her ass from certain scalding and for this Susan is always thankful. She's thankful she's got a little rhyme that her old man taught her to keep her safe. She's happy she gets a chance to think of him every day even if mostly she's naked & dripping wet when she does.

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