Saturday, Midnight

As she was preparing to go to bed Susan noticed a car idling in front of her neighbors, the Drunk's house.
She believed the car had been there a while so she peered through the window to survey the situation. The car looked to be a patrol car. Susan turned off all the lights in order to remain undetected while she peered.

Indeed it was a patrol car. Susan couldn't see very well from that window so she repositioned herself in her son's room for a better look. Yes, now she could see. The policemen remained inside the car while Mr. & Mrs. Drunk stood alongside the window deep in conversation.
Were they being arrested? It seemed not.
Were they leaning on the patrol car? It seemed so.
Are you even allowed to lean on a patrol car?

Susan cracked open her son's window hoping to catch part of the conversation. Unfortunately, Susan's mongrel dog had followed her into the room. It was walking around with it's overgrown nails clicking on the wood floor, snuffling & snorting, making a racket. Susan chased the mongrel dog out of the room and turned her attention back to the Drunks.

She couldn't hear much. Mrs. Drunk mentioned her brother twice. She said something, quite conversationally, about 'when we lived there' but Susan couldn't hear the rest. Mr. Drunk was asked to confirm a telephone number. That's all Susan got.

It was a nipply March night, foggy and wet, but Mrs. Drunk was standing outside for an extended period of time in some sort of sleeveless shmatta talking with the officers, who never left their vehicle. Were they just chatting?
Wasn't she cold? The open window made Susan cold.

Don't police officers get out of their cars to shine lights into windows or investigate things?

Mrs. Drunk walked into the house leaving Mr. Drunk outside to finish his conversation.

Susan was perplexed by the whole situation.
Mr. Drunk went inside after a few more minutes. He closed the door.
The policemen drove away.
Susan went to bed.

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Dawn in Austin said...

Hey! I think I used to live in that neighborhood! LOL

Nice to meet you, popped over from I am bossy!

Your posts are funny. Like the mongrel dog. I have two that are useless.