Susan and her family attended her youngest niece's high school graduation over the weekend (Hooray Liz!) and came home to a house that smelled like dog diarrhea which had been baking in a hot airless environment for hours because Susan, ever paranoid of home invasions, locks the windows every time she leaves the house.
Was that sentence too long?
Well, she's not changing it.

The source of the stench was located behind the couch, a cleanable area. Susan walked away and let the husband clean it.
In the meantime, she sent the kids over to be nice to the dog who was cowering in the hallway with her tail between her legs.

As Susan listened to the sounds of dog diarrhea being cleaned off the floor she reflected on how how lucky she was to have a husband who takes on dirty tasks without being asked.

When he finished they retired for the evening.

A few hours later the dog requested to use the restroom by sticking her wet nose in a sleeping Susan's face. Susan let her out into a dark yard then went over to investigate the cleanliness of the crime scene while she waited. Gasp! It was splattered with diarrhea again!

It was Susan's turn to clean.


linlah said...

I don't think the sentence was long enough but you jave my deepest sympathy in regard to the cleaning.

LiLu said...

Yup. That's definitely a "hubby" job. ;-)

Cupcake Murphy said...

The Cupcake Team is of the same Mindset = good lord don't get mad at the poor thing who is the source of the diarrhea, just do your best to comfort. And then scrub scrub spray spray scrub.

patti said...

I hope your sweet puppy girl is OK.

The Zadge said...

Hmmm, same phenomenon happening here in Denver, yet no hubby in sight to clean it up!!