Susan was reading a story in the local paper about a man who commemorated the 4th of July by stuffing some explosive shells down a length of pipe and blowing his shoulder off. The arm went too.
Later, she caught the drunken eyewitness interviews on the news.
Susan can think of few things more embarrassing than having to tell people that she blew her arm off on the 4th of July.
Yeah man, we were all drunk!
It was a great party up until the arm thing.
You gotta come next year.


Cupcake Murphy said...


patti said...

I bought fireworks in PA and brought them into NY illegally. But I never had the male body parts to set them off. Because of stories like this. Yikes.

Diane said...

drunk is one thing. drunk and really stupid is a whole other thing.

Meg at the Members Lounge said...

It pays to be a sparkler kinda girl.

Anonymous said...

Years ago I was at a 4th of July BBQ at my Sister-in-Law's. After a few cocktails she sent my 8 & 10 year old nephews off to the beach with a big brown bag full of explosives. A few hours later they returned bagless with a story of being caught by cops and having their explosives taken away. My SIL was furious at them that they weren't smart enough to run faster.

Fast forward 20 years-- unfortunately my nephews will one day be those men who blow their arms off at a 4th of July BBQ.