Happy St. Valentine's Day to Susan!

She received a heart shaped box purchased from a real chocolate shop which was tied up with a wide satin ribbon and filled with dark chocolates. Score!

She broke with her selfish protocol by suggesting that the husband present it to both her and the daughter.

Sometimes she does things just to make other people happy.


linlah said...

That made me happy too.

Anonymous said...

That is so sweet!

Happy late V-Day!

LKnow what I got? I got a cuban sandwich from the local authentic cuban restaraunt. That is it. Nothing else.

Course, I didn't want candy anyway. A card might have been nice. Or an email, even.

myinnerchick.com said...

Dear Twisted Susan,

I love your blogs. You crack me up.


Anonymous said...

And you have a hubby who brings you hearts of chocolate. And you have a mother-heart who brings hearts of chocolate to your daughter. You are one of the good ones in this sometimes heartless world. Thank you for that.