Susan's friend Fireball surprised her with the most wonderful gift; a BIG bag of dark chocolate covered almonds.

Please indulge Susan as she describes the almonds to you.

First of all, they are AMAZINGLY CRUNCHY. For someone who adores crunchy things, they are the epitome of crunch. Just fabulously crunchy.

Next, the chocolate covering is DARK CHOCOLATE, not that wimpy milk chocolate that everyone loves. Milk chocolate does nothing for Susan, although she has been known to eat more than her share of it. Susan is all about the intoxicatingly dark, barely sweet chocolate.

Lastly, the chocolate is more of a dusting over the almonds than a layer allowing Susan to eat more of them per serving.

The lovely bag of almonds are locked inside the little baby fridge that Susan keeps in her teeny little office. She doesn't have to hide them from anyone, they are there waiting for her whenever she wants. Just for her.

May God bless and keep Fireball.


The Zadge said...

What, with the antioxidants in the le chocolat and the omega-6799 in the almonds, they are practically a health food!

Dawn in Austin said...

A good friend indeed!

Meg at the Members Lounge said...

Booyah! Dark chocolate rules.

Anonymous said...

Fireball is on my "God is great" list - You deserve every bit almond you can crunch, my dear.