Susan can't relate to feeling bad about Charlie Sheen, not when he disperses gems like;
I'm tired of pretending I'm not a total bitchin' rockstar from Mars
I'm just going to sail across the winds of the universe with my goddesses.

He's bi-WINNING, bro.


Deidre said...

Definitely don't feel at all bad for Charlie.

Rural Rambler said...

Yep, I do not feel bad about Charlie Sheen. Beyond strange. A train wreck I can't stop watching.

Anonymous said...

I dunno. I kind of like the "winds of the universe" remark - And who wouldn't want a passel of goddesses?

Joey Polanski said...

"Nothing," opined Charlie Sheen,

"In MY 'rock-star' life is obscene!"

But Charlie would soon

On that point change his tune,

If his hooker turned out a drag-queen.

tattytiara said...

Well when someone's moved up in the world from making millions per episode starring in a wildly popular tv show to pimping juice on twitter for loose change, it's hard not to stand in awe of their achievements.