OMG guys, you are too fantastic!
Imagine Susan is giving each one of you a BIG HUG filled with sincerity and warmth and maybe a little boob smush.
Hers are only B cups.

It was really lovely to see all your comments of concern, encouragement and support and Susan appreciates the crap out of them.
Thank you, darlings.

That being said, Susan would like to reassure you that everything is fine other than the normal troubles of modern life;
unaffordable mortgage modifications,
twelve hour work days with a few weekends thrown in,
male members of her household making the bathroom smell like urine, the absence of springtime in her neighborhood,
a favorite earring gone missing,
dog hair everywhere.

During her bloggy black out Susan stayed up past her bedtime to watch this movie which she loved as a teenager, invited her little sister over to watch this movie, stayed in bed late on a Sunday morning to watch this movie and had to leave for work in the middle of this movie which required all her self discipline because Bette Davis and Mary Astor were at each other's throats.

She also treated herself to a quartet of Young's Double Chocolate Stout on which she will report back later.


Anonymous said...

I vote that you do a kind of educate-the-kiddies list-and-commentary: Movies to Live By/With or some such. I don't know "The Great Lie" at all and have completely forgotten the 1949 "Secret Garden" - My kid (13) endlessly watches the Myrna Loy/William Powell "Thin Man" series, which she got for Christmas - she does all the voices and repeats favorite lines in these great 30's movie accents - so I want to pounce and provide more good old stuff for her to love.

Meg at the Members Lounge said...

I agree, Susan should do a movie compilation for her fans! I totally forgot about The Last of Sheila. I always thought Dyan Cannon was batshit crazy.