Susan located a folder of e-mailed photos that survived when her brand new birthday laptop killed itself after taking her pictures and all her music hostage. These two are of her old man and his Pan Am pals, Bill and Charlie taking a bi-plane ride way back in 2006. Susan can't imagine anything she'd like less than being strapped into a teeny plane with no roof or anything to protect her when she panics and tries to jump out.
Go, pop!


Anonymous said...

So, which handsome gent is your Old Man???

Twisted Susan said...

Striped shirt, left.

Cupcake Murphy said...

I think you have to have a moustache to enjoy that terrifying activity.

Danger Junkie said...

I thought I was Anoynomous but I Knew it was him. Guess I am AuntieInsanity instead today. Happy 50th to the Folks. I LIKE Joan.
Easter Bunny is comming to town, on The 2011 Post Birthday-Easter- oh rabbits, my old Dad may fall down and not get up Tour of LI and PA only.
MUUUUAHAAAH if I dont see ya..YEAHHHH if I do.
(Old Mother Pug)

Twisted Susan said...

Danger Junkie is sounding a little CRAZY, kids.