The old folks are in town to sleep in Susan's basement for ten days. The husband volunteered to retrieve them in the middle of a foggy night then managed to slam three of her father's fingers in the trunk before they left the airport.

The next day Susan's mother accompanied her as she ran errands including one she hasn't done in thirty years; to open a savings account.

Susan hates banks.
She hates how they're not on her side but pretend they are.
She hates how they tell her NO instead of yes.
She hates their condescending manner as they steal her money one fee at a time.

In the past Susan has walked out of banks while waiting for someone to assist her, like here.

This time Susan took her profoundly jaded and unenthusiastic self to a credit union and allowed William to open an account for her. He got down to business without any fake chit chat. William provided Susan with all the information about her new account and none of it bugged her. During the transaction Susan noticed a change sorting machine, William told her that it was free for members.

When Susan was done she thanked William and left feeling very even tempered, not at all like someone who was just pawed in the back of a car, had her pockets picked & then got dropped off in the middle of nowhere.

Susan will be curious to see if this relationship lasts.


Where the Fur Flies said...

I congratulate you on your success. I've got endless stories about annoying banks ripping me off. I've heard good things about credit unions, so I hope it works out.

The Zadge said...

I've been with my credit union for 15 years, by far my longest and most satisfying relationship. And he always shows me "interest."

Meg at the Members Lounge said...

Been with my credit union 25+ years. They are much more accommodating than banks. I called mine they and they cut me a check the next day for a car. Plus, on-line stuff. I almost never have to visit them in person.

Cupcake Murphy said...

Banks make me feel like a loser because I bounced more checks than can be comprehended in my early 20's.