Even though Susan and her little sister were only in North Carolina for four days and the teeniest portion of a fifth day, they had many silly adventures. 
Most importantly, Susan is happy to report that Sophie the dog endured her operation very well, was praised by the veterinary staff for behaving like a champ and left with an enviable bionic leg to tell all her friends about.
During their trip they saw a turkey owl in a tree, a swan bat in the air, a stagecoach-wheel car in a parking lot, and hotels made of trailers. They also saw plenty of swamps, double decker trucks filled with pigs and trucks carrying the longest, most dangerous looking logs. Those trucks scared the sisters.
It was very exotic.
They were serenaded by plenty of screaming preacher radio and Pat Boone singing Stairway to Heaven in the most hilariously uncool way. It was so uncool it almost circled around and became cool.
Susan’s little sister found it almost impossible to order a cup of hot tea anywhere in the state because any request for tea is assumed to be for sweet tea. At one drive-through little sister had a devil of a time getting the voice over the loud speaker to understand her simple request and was forced to shout NO! when the voice asked one more time if she wanted sweet tea.
Hot tea?  the voice asked in the most incredulous manner.
With milk?! as if she were being asked to provide a cup of baby’s blood with chocolate syrup.
Hot tea dificulties notwithstanding, the sisters found North Caroliners to have superlative manners.


Meg at the Members Lounge said...

Susan, don't get me started on sweet tea. I'm the iced coffee girl down here.

Rowan Moore Seifred said...

What is it with sweet tea? This is the second mention of it today in my tiny universe clear on the other side of the universe. I hope the perfectly good brown dog will be tearing phone books in half in no time. We can rebuild her!

Carma Sez said...

you were in my neck of the woods - the land of sweet tea!