While Susan and her little sister were in North Carolina they enjoyed a marvelously refreshing cocktail provided by an adorably under attentive bartenderess at Yo Sake. The bartenderess took pride in her concotion and was kind enough to provide the ingredient list for home replication.
Susan likes to call this cocktail the Near Miss, which relates to a funny occurance earlier that day.

The Near Miss

Ginger liqueur
Simple syrup infused with basil
Lemon juice
Muddled basil
Serve with lots of ice, a lemon wedge and a basil leaf garnish

Susan recommends that you guzzle the first and sip the second.

*Editor's note: In the absence of fresh basil Susan infused her simple syrup with rosemary and declared it to be a marvelous substitute.


Anonymous said...

Holy Snizzle Susan that sounds like a potent cocktail - Ms.Bee likes them like that!

Kathryn said...

I suggest bringing along a friend or a little sister to keep you from guzzling the 2nd one too.

Kathryn said...
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