TWISTED Over Some Pajama Bottoms

Susan was sitting in a parking lot talking on the phone with her little sister when a van pulled into the spot next to hers. Out spilled three medium sized children and their mother, who appeared to be in the same age range as Susan, meaning not too young & not too old.

Mom was walking around in a condition similar to many other women observed by Susan. Beyond sloppy.

Starting at the top, Mom's hair was held back by a scrunchie. Not a crime, but it should be.
She was wearing what appeared to be her husband's sweat shirt. It was husband-shaped and husband-colored without an ounce of anything feminine discernible beneath. It made Mom square.
However, the next item was so offensive it made Susan have to write 300 bloody words about it just for some relief.
Pajama bottoms.

Susan understands that she can't go crazy over pajama bottoms and can live quite comfortably knowing they're contained to high schoolers or neighbors walking within the perimeter of their own yard. Susan doesn't understand how the high schoolers stay warm wearing pajama bottoms throughout the winter, but she's not their mother and they can do what they want.

However, when a grown woman appears in public with thread bare, faded, shrunken to the ankles, raggedy ass pajama bottoms Susan must speak up.
Not to the offending party of course, but in secret,
at home, to her modest fan base.

It was as if Mom had come directly from the sty,
clad in the clothes she fed the pigs in.
The condition of Mom's pajama bottoms were so deplorable they yelled, I don't care how I look anymore,
I really don't.
Susan doesn't understand this phenomenon prevalent among her forty-something suburban sisters.
Ladies, what up?


Cutie Judy said...

haha..........sometimes I can barely get myself dressed in the morning, but I SWEAR I have never left my house in pajama bottoms!!!
Although there was the time I forgot my shirt and bra at the gym, but thats another story!!!


Dawn in D.C. said...

I find myself in a simlar state of disbelief when I see women (grown women) walking around in sleeping attire. I remember my mother being very strict about which clothes were appropriate for wearing outside the house, and which were never meant to be seen by strangers.

Anonymous said...

Gotta agree here. The only time I leave my house in my pajama bottoms is to go to the mailbox. And then, I look out to make sure no cars are coming first. A woman has to have a modicum of self-respect. if I am so down, I can't even get dressed, I do not leave the house.

And as for teens, none of my children will ever go to school in their pajamas either. Those are not day-clothes. Those are night-clothes. We wear real clothes to school. I have let them wear their pajamas to the doctor when they were sick though.