Susan has a teeny little office.

It started out as the back end of the office next to hers, but one wall and a door later Susan has a place to toil the hours away.

Susan's office has a dorm sized fridge thanks to her niece's departure from the sleep away portion of art school.

On top of the fridge is a wonderful Keurig coffee machine, a gift from her boss in appreciation of all the hours Susan spends pulling her hair out in the teeny office.

For the last few months Susan has been working on an art project, a triptych of collages, completed after much agony.

Susan quietly humped them in to work and had them hung on her wall then practiced behaving modestly in anticipation of the praise she would receive for her awesome talents with glue stick and magazine cut outs.

Here's Susan's fave comment thus far:
They look like motel art.


Susan has it on secondhand authority that two of her cousins are engaged in a Facebook fight.

It was explained to Susan,
by someone who wasn't there,
that an Easter Sunday conversation later degenerated into a nasty FB brouhaha.

Comment pileup is a common hazard in this setting and it's always fun to see what they reveal about the commenter.

Usually it's nothing good.


You all know that scene with Julie Andrews twirling against the backdrop of the Alps? Well, that's how Susan feels about her new obsession,

Every weekend Susan sautes something delicious and wraps a puff pastry around it.
Mushrooms, sausage, broccoli rabe, goat cheese?
Yes, yes, yes, YES!

Susan can't believe that she's gotten to her advanced age without it.
Carmelized onions, prosciutto, mozzarella?

Pears, walnuts and bleu cheese?
That was a test.
Were you fooled?


Did everyone have a happy Earth Day?
OMG, Susan loves the earth so much!
Susan commemorated Earth Day by wearing shoes that pinched her pinkie toe.


Susan is going to tell you something then ask if you've ever heard of such bullsh*t before in your life.

Susan is able to maintain a stash of dark chocolate in the house because no one else likes it. They don't like it so they don't look for it. Even still, Susan keeps her dark chocolate eating restricted to the husband's company. She trusts him.

The lure of dark chocolate was too much and drove the husband to weave a web of bullsh*t.

Let me see that chocolate he sez.

You don't like it.

Yes I do.

No you don't, it's not sweet.

It absolutely is sweet.

You're completely full of sh*t and will say anything to get my chocolate.

I like dark chocolate.

F*ck you, liar.


Susan deviated from her normal neckline and wore a turtleneck which made her sweat all day long.


Susan located a folder of e-mailed photos that survived when her brand new birthday laptop killed itself after taking her pictures and all her music hostage. These two are of her old man and his Pan Am pals, Bill and Charlie taking a bi-plane ride way back in 2006. Susan can't imagine anything she'd like less than being strapped into a teeny plane with no roof or anything to protect her when she panics and tries to jump out.
Go, pop!


OMG guys, you are too fantastic!
Imagine Susan is giving each one of you a BIG HUG filled with sincerity and warmth and maybe a little boob smush.
Hers are only B cups.

It was really lovely to see all your comments of concern, encouragement and support and Susan appreciates the crap out of them.
Thank you, darlings.

That being said, Susan would like to reassure you that everything is fine other than the normal troubles of modern life;
unaffordable mortgage modifications,
twelve hour work days with a few weekends thrown in,
male members of her household making the bathroom smell like urine, the absence of springtime in her neighborhood,
a favorite earring gone missing,
dog hair everywhere.

During her bloggy black out Susan stayed up past her bedtime to watch this movie which she loved as a teenager, invited her little sister over to watch this movie, stayed in bed late on a Sunday morning to watch this movie and had to leave for work in the middle of this movie which required all her self discipline because Bette Davis and Mary Astor were at each other's throats.

She also treated herself to a quartet of Young's Double Chocolate Stout on which she will report back later.