Susan fed her family tofu for dinner.

And they ate it.


Susan saw this picture of Lou Reed and was thunderstruck by his cool beauty.

Just look at him.

He appears to be styled from the garbage pail yet could go anywhere in his outfit. Susan wants to get a see through plastic top now.

(She's kidding).

Instead, maybe she'll put his picture up on her bedroom wall so she can stare at it like a teenager.

Have a cool Sunday, everybody.


Who's up for some more Gwynnie?
Susan is!

It seems Gwynnie made some dopey comments and the awesome NY Post treated it's readers to this cheeky letter written by an articulate working mom in response.
Comparing herself to a mom with a 9-5 job she actually said "It's much harder for me"

Gwynnie, you can't say stuff like that without expecting to get crushed.

Not everything out of Susan's mouth is smart either, but she tries to keep it contained to just the people she sez it to.


Another great love affair down the crapper.
Click HERE and read all about it.

Or, you can click HERE and purchase some really expensive stuff.
Unnecessarily expensive.

Or HERE and learn how to make a michelada, which is actually good to know.

And then you can click HERE and make a little snack to accompany it.



In the last 36 hours, between bitterness and self mandated enthusiasm, Susan saw these actual signs of seasonal rebirth:

Her fig tree has leaves!
Susan's fig tree spent the winter downstairs in a big pot. Prior to that it was in the living room, and before that it was outside her front door. She checked on it last week and it looked as dead as the Greek lady who sold it to her told her it would look. But, yesterday morning she went down there and it had leaves.

In her mind Susan heard her dead nanny declaring; Well, glory be!

Second were the green things pushing themselves up through the ground at the library. Susan was on her way to get some David Bowie music and took notice of what will likely end up being crocuses.

Lastly, Susan's son the wrestler flattened a mosquito in the hallway.


Susan's going to take a break from being bitter, even though she's totally in the mood for bitterness, to welcome Spring. There are absolutely no signs of Spring in Susan's neighborhood; just pot holes and a bit of filth covered snow around the corner. Plus, it's still cold.
Regardless, she's going to pull out something from her closet that isn't black, improve her attitude, and do the best she can.


Susan knows that she sucks as a BLAHger, you don't even have to agree with her. She's been too busy working like a dog for Acme Sweatshop and raking in zero appreciation.
That's a lot, right?
The appreciation is matched only by the encouragement she receives.

Boy, Susan sounds bitter.

She can't always be in a friggin' good mood about everything, it's not her natural state, that's why she's Twisted Susan. There's enough happy bloggers out there writing sh*t like this;

There is just so much amazing inspiration out in the world, how do we take it all in? It's kind of inspiring in itself how much beauty there is in the world and how we can capture it through sight, photos, art, senses, etc. What do you think? :)
That was from a real blog. Susan thinks it's the worst thing she's ever read.
She'll stick to being bitter.


Susan went to see the local high school production of Miss Saigon. Susan had never seen Miss Saigon nor had she ever considered what it might be about until the daughter mentioned seeing her classmates dressed as prostitutes all week.
As it turned out Susan was not a fan of highschoolers dressed as prostitutes. Afterward Susan's daughter opined that while she thought that aspect of the play was out there, she felt the audience was mature enough to view the girls as actors performing a role.
There you have it, Susan's an old prude.
Prude, not prune.