First Complaint Of The New Year

Hello guys!
How did you like that one post Susan wrote for all of last year? Impressive, eh?
Her *BLAHg-ing commitment is obviously for sh*t. She doesn't even know why you're bothering right now, but do what you want.

For the new year Susan made a list of things she can not endure. She'll start with one now so as not to tax herself, then maybe follow it up with another later.

First are true crime podcast recommendations. One can actually hear her hopeful excitement being extinguished as the words true crime penetrate her little puppy brain, as if no other podcast category exists. She's received so many true crime podcast recommendations that her eyes immediately roll up, around and backwards. She can't even stand to use those two words together anymore. From now on she'll just write TC, and capitalize it so it looks intentional instead of just tc which looks like it could be a mistake.

Mercifully, her daughter, who is as close to perfection as possible, recently gave her a non TC suggestion. It's a good one, not perfect, but there were three or four stories which Susan's been thinking about since she heard them.
Listen to the first story:

Of course RISK makes Susan think of her premier, tip-top, numero uno fave THE MOTH RADIO HOUR. For years any time a friend would tell Susan they were bored, lonely, or had to travel for work she'd say 'The Moth will keep you company'.
CLICK HERE for one of Susan's favorite stories.

MODERN LOVE are stories of love, loss and redemption which started out as a column in the New York Times. Susan has been reading the NYT since she was a kid & almost started a fistfight over her undying allegiance, just ask her friend ZH.

HOW I BUILT THIS are interviews with the creators of the biggest deal companies around, and how they started. Literally step one, where they came up with the idea, how did they start, find the cash, their failures, everything. Susan knows what you're thinking this sounds boring. Well it's not, and stop being so dismissive.

Susan's newest podcast discovery is ARIA CODE in which one iconic operatic aria is explored from three different points of view afterwhich the aria is heard in its entirety. Susan doesn't know sh*t about opera and she loves it.

OK, there you have it. First post for 2020 is in the books.

*For anyone who needs a refresher, BLAH + blog = BLAHg