Susan's been maintaining a low profile lately. She's not returning phone calls, she didn't watch the Oscars, her sheets skipped a week being clean.

She was lured out of the house by a visit from her absent Brother In Law one day, and by a pal with some smoky pulled pork on another.

Susan's little sister used her time more recreationally, visiting the 911 Memorial with her family.

And getting a closer look at 1 WTC.
They also did a bunch of fun NYC stuff like eat and laugh and watch a play where they weren't allowed to sit

Anyway, Susan's planning on being out of her funk in time for Cousin Veronica's wedding this weekend.


Susan makes her own green cleaning cocktail for the bathroom with a combination of soap, vinegar, baking soda & tea tree oil. In a pinch, the daughter's exfoliating body wash is a very effective substitute for scrubbing the bathtub.


Susan's little sister still sends cards, isn't that charming?


Susan, her little sister and cousin Lisa were on their way to commemorate cousin Veronica's final days of single-ness when they saw something on the NYC skyline they had never before seen. 

'What is that building?'

And the answer thrilled them.

It was the new 1 World Trade Center , still under construction and all illuminated.


Stylishly Practical

Susan's not one for cruises, being trapped on the ocean would be a big issue for her since she's claustrophobic and can't swim. But, when her lovely pal, *Kate sent her this photo she almost reconsidered.

Susan loves safety orange and would be the envy of everyone bobbing around in the ocean as she paddled past them toward the Italian coastline.

Afterward she'd be all ready to go out dancing.

*Ph.D., professor, writer, mom, conversational user of words like covetousness and prolix.


Sweet Sixteen dancing with his cousins


HAPPY birthday

Sixteen years ago this most wonderful of boys was all rolled up inside his mother and hurt like a sonofab*tch coming out.
Happy Birthday. 


Susan spent a relaxing Sunday cleaning and reorganizing her pantry slash laundry room which is really just an alcove off the dining room.

Susan knows that a few might mistakenly assume that a dining room implies some sort of expansiveness to her home and she doesn't want that to happen here.

Having the washing machine and dryer so centrally located ensures convenience as well as the opportunity for Susan's dinner guests to see her dirty laundry anytime she has to get a new bottle of ketchup.

The pantry slash laundry alcove gets reorganized two to three times a year, and when it's not being reorganized it's a wreck. Sometimes the reorganization takes longer than it should because it sparks side projects like reading, taking long breaks or napping.