Susan's Mongrel Dog Is Sick: An Update

Most of the symptoms of the mongrel dog's digestive ailment have come & gone, save one;
her extreme flatulence.

Boxers are an eruptive breed to begin with. Imagine the aroma of burning rubber & dog poop dispersed as a gas in the middle of your living room.

The flatulent boxer often provides and audible warning,
a gentle hissing not unlike air escaping from a punctured bicycle tire. However, the last few days there is nothing gentle about the sound she emits.
It's loud, like a whoopee cushion.
Susan is not exaggerating, it sounds like a whoopee cushion.

Moments ago, sleeping soundly in her dog bed, she passed gas through her whoopee cushion.
And woke herself up.

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Dawn in D.C. said...

I have a bulldog. I smell your pain.