Friday Night

Susan doesn't normally get sick.
She's very lucky.
Maybe she gets a cold, but that's it.

The last thing that kept her out of work was kidney stones
And that was like, six years ago.
And they really hurt.

Susan is not in the habit of taking medications other than Tylenol.
Maybe a Tums or two when she eats too many brownies at her little sister's house.
Even in her wild youth Susan didn't ingest anything that she won't be able to tell her medium sized children about.
When they're very mature.
Years from now.

Everything was perfectly fine up until 10pm on Friday night.
Susan's tummy got a little rumbly.
She took two Tums.
Her symptoms persisted.
She took two more Tums and went to bed not feeling well at all.

Some hours later she was awakened by the sickening realization that she was going to have to throw up.
Oy. Susan does not like to throw up.
Not one little bit.
But, she knows that once she does she'll feel better.

Susan made the dreaded trek to her bathroom
and did a quick wipe-down of the toilet with disinfectant
before she began what she went there for.
She knew she was not finished.

She went back to bed, hunched over and miserable,
to wait.

Sometime later she was awakened a second time by her stomach.
Only, there was very little to purge.
Her stomach didn't care.
A new symptom was added, one which Susan will not mention.

Susan endured this angry, painful process three more times until it seemed that she was throwing up her own organs.
She also had to clean up the bathroom each time.
Susan was truly alone in the universe.

Susan eventually collapsed in a shaking, sweaty heap and passed out.

The first thing she did went she crawled out of bed 24 hours later
was scrub her bathroom to within an inch of it's life.
With her green-cleaning cocktail of course.

(Susan would like the reader to know that previous post
occurred last year and represents an anomaly, not a standard)

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Dawn in D.C. said...

I hope you're feeling better now. Stomach flus are the worst, but you're right about the weight loss. My daughter has kidney stones right now. Poor girl, low tolerance for pain. I'll never get a grandchild out of her once this passes.